craft delay


This has been the week of things breaking.
Our car and then my molar.
I picked up the car from the shop yesterday.
Heading to the Dentist today...
Hopefully tomorrow or I will be back to share some crafts
I have recently been working on.
How was YOUR week?

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MagdaleneMama said...

Me and my daughter got to dance in the pouring rain yesterday and slept under the stars for the beginning of the week (before the rain came)!!! Im making sure we take up as much time we can with nature and enjoy lots of summer fun before the seasons change and she heads of to, I cant even believe, Kindergarten!
Good luck at the dentist with your newly fixed set a wheels =^.^=.
Would be great if you had some "back to school" ideas (hint, hint).
Nina-The Magdalene Mama