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Many of you know already that the Hubbs, Matt, is a Healthcare Administrator. More specifically, he is a practice manager to two medical practices which both treat cancer. Hematology/Oncology (treating Blood Disorders and Cancer) and GYN Oncology (treating of Cancer in all female reproductive systems). Every day at work he sees patients coming in for treatments. Treatments they are hoping will save their lives.

The American Cancer Society is a not-for-profit organization which provides FREE support services for those with cancer, care-givers of those with cancer and to survivors. They also fund research to improve cancer care and treatment.

Photo from the Survivors Lap. I cried a bit just looking a this photo.

This Friday and Saturday is the 2011 Relay For Life of Lancaster, PA. Last week our girls made special t-shirts to cheer on our team. Matt has agreed to dress like a (wait for it....wait for it....) woman. Dress and pointed toed heels included to work the crowd for donations while the race is underway. This is a tradition with one man from each relay team competing for the title of Miss Relay for Life.

So, my next question you love someone who has been affected by Cancer? I do. And so I believe in this fundraiser with all of my heart. This video is beautiful and makes me want to live each moment more fully, cancer or not.

PLEASE help by making a donation in ANY
amount (minimum is $10) by clicking here.

Matt's goal is $250, but wouldn't it be amazing if we blew that number out of the water? Yesterday 730 people visited this blog. If each of you just gave $1...we would have made a real difference. But not everyone will give $1, most will move right past this please give what you can.

I truly believe that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.
Thanks to each of you for reading my blog.

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Jenny said...

I dearly want to see a pic of Matt dressed up. I know that you're going to take a picture. All that I'm asking is that you share... please