Printable: Kids Summer Journal


downloaded journal cover
downloaded journal pages
hole punch and binder rings
home printer
scissors or paper trimmer

1. Print journal cover onto cardstock (click here to download). 

2. Cut second piece of blank cardstock to same size.
3. Have child color chosen cover and add their name and year.
4. Laminate front and back cover (if desired).
5. Print journaling pages. You may choose how many to print.
(choose from lined and lined with picture box.
If you child is too young to write at all, fill book with blank pages).
6. Click choice below to download. 


(not sure why one of these looks taller than the other,
they are exactly the same size)


7. To save paper and ink print on "fast draft" mode and print back sides of journal pages as well. Be sure to test one first so you know which direction to feed the paper in. 
8. Sandwich journaling pages between front and back cover.
9. Punch holes along left edge and add binder rings (available at Office Supply stores) to make a book!

Now your kids can record your

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Jenny said...

this looks seriously awesome! I loved seeing you featured at UCreate

Courtney said...

So cute! Love love love!! BTW - we just started our "summer of fun" today and my kids are RIDICULOUSLY excited out it. We picked our activities last night....first up....a fort with books by flashlight. This truly will be a summer of fun! Thanks again for sharing!!! And THANK YOU for sending me the font so quick. LOVE It!

Marikay said...

Thank you for sharing this! I have been looking for a journal for my 4 year-old to record all of our summer fun in!

Anonymous said...

I am using this with my elementary school "Craft Club" as our last project of the year . . . can't wait to see how many will be returned with the students in August!