photo tip: get close . . . no, even closer .


This photo tip is an easy one to try. 
No special equipment necessary.
Just a disregard for personal space and boundaries. 
Luckily, your kids won't mind.
Tip: Get CLOSE

No, I don't shoot many shots this close.  It hardly ever happens.  But what if I didn't at least try it out yesterday in the park with little Evangeline?  Then I never would have documented her cute Summer freckles.

Life with digital cameras mean you can take a gazillion shots and not worry if they don't work out.  I took roughly 10 shots of Evangeline standing exactly this way and got this one, perfect shot. But sometimes I take 30 shots and don't get that perfect shot. But it's okay, because I learn in the process about what works and what I can improve in my photography.

Try this out this week!
You may just get a photograph you fall in love with.
And please share any great shots with me via email!

[ emilie ]

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Jami said...

I loved this tip! In fact I blogged about it :D... I was going to send you some of the pictures... but I decided to just let you see my favorites! Thanks for the tip!