Friday Feast: Chicken Divan Casserole


When I became an Ahern I tasted Chicken Divan for the first time and it has become a favorite of mine and our kids love it too!  I will always remember sitting around my In Laws' kitchen table on birthdays and enjoying this delicious casserole while the vegetarians at the table ate from a separate dish in which my Mother-In-Law had prepared a version without meat. 

I got the recipe from my Mother-in-Law and started making it all the time. Over the years our recipe evolved and I am honestly not sure how close it is to the original any more, but this is how our family likes it.  The word "casserole" is in the name since traditional Chicken Divan is made separate from the rice and served along side it. 

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Veronica said...

I think this just MIGHT be my dinner tonight!! Thanks!