Transformers Birthday Favor


My best friend just moved from Utah to New Mexico. So her son, Isaac, is the new kid in school. And we all know it's never fun being the new kid.  After having lived there just one month Isaac is having a birthday. So my friend called for some help for a treat topper for his school.

Isaac has had a years long passion/obsession with transformers so I went online, found an icon and the Transformers font (click here to download for free) and whipped these up in no time.

I used minimal color since my friend was using her home printer and, as I am told, the new Transformers is all grey and black. Who knew? (moms with boys...that's who).  And here is the finished project.


*photo by Emily Foley


the emily said...

His teacher was so excited about the toppers. She thought it was the coolest thing ever. I wish I could have been there to see what the kids thought. Thanks again, they're awesome!

Peg said...

That is so amazing! You are the bomb!

jill said...

What a fun idea! Good work!