Pattern Review: Butterick 5443


I chose this pattern for it's ultimate twirling powers.  Ella is really gravitating towards tiered skirts and this was a winner.  It was very easy to follow and I made it in a pretty short amount of time.  The only problem is that it uses a lot of fabric, since the ruffled tiers are cut out of only two pieces.  The size ran HUGE.  Poor Ella had at least 1&1/2 extra inches of fabric on each side of her torso.  I wish I had measured her and gone by that instead of the sizes, but by the time I realized how large it ran it was too late to re-cut.

Score: ★★★★☆
Skill Level: Easy
Direction Clarity: Very good.
True to Size: Size numbers ran very large.
Changes Made: I added a wide sash to the waist, a rosette and sleeves (much to Ella's disgust).
Overall: I really like this pattern. I will make it again, but go by measurements when choosing a size.
Recommended: Yes.

Happy Sewing!

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Matt and Kim Fairbanks said...

I LOVE that you're doing pattern reviews! I thought of doing this myself actually because nobody's doing it yet. It's so much nicer to have someone making and reviewing the pattern before you waste time and energy on it. Thanks so much! Even though Easter is over I'm tempted to grab 2 of the 3 patterns you made and make them for my three girls! I super-love your blog by the way.