Friday Feast: Creamy Italian Chicken


Some recipes just remind you of a person.  I got this recipe from a member of my church two years ago named Nancy Winn.  She was my Visiting Teacher (an LDS woman who is assigned to visit another woman each month).  At the time I had a 3 year old and a 1 year old.  During her monthly visits she always brought a little gift for me, shared a message of faith and then did something to serve me. 

On one monthly visit she dropped off a big helping of this recipe.  It was amazingly good and our little family gobbled it up!  When I called her later, with pen in hand, to ask for the recipe, she gave it to me off the top of her head....that's when you know a recipe is well loved by a family.  And now it is very well loved by our family too!  Thanks Nancy!