dinner party: month 2


As I mentioned here, after reading The Reluctant Entertainer I decided to entertain in my home at least once a month. Now, before this time, our dinner parties have been extremely informal and have included me being stressed out, frazzled and witchy to my family on the day of the party (ie: Why is our bathroom so messy! Gosh!!!).

Having read the book we made some changes, did well at some concepts and struggled with others. Here's the skinny...

Guests: 2 (sister missionaries for our church)
Date: Mother's Day 2011
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Roasted Garlic Potatoes & Onions (using this recipe, but adding whole cloves of garlic)
Grilled Asparagus
Mixed Fruit Shortcakes

The girls playing in the yard with the Sister Missionaries before dinner.
 What we did well:
- We realized (too late) that some of our fresh strawberries had acquired mold. We grabbed some frozen blueberries from our freezer, ran them under warm water to thaw and added them to our berry mix.  Crisis averted.
- We also had a mishap with the potatoes not being near done when it was time to eat. No apologies, we just laughed and said it was part of a second course.

What we can work on:- We did not remove all toothpicks from the Chicken Cordon Bleu, so we warned our guests to watch for them. One of our guests (bless her heart) was trying to remove a toothpick and her entire chicken cordon bleu flew off of her plate and landed on the floor!  Note to self: Instead of using standard toothpicks to hold cordon bleu together, try longer skewers that WE can remove more easily before serving.
- Much like last month I realized we maybe should always have two veggie options on the table (something my mother always did) since one our guests did not like asparagus.  Plus, we would eat more veggies, right?

We're doing better and better as each month passes!
When did you last entertain?


the emily said...

Our most recent "dinner party" (I use quotes because I just can't call it that when it's the missionaries) was the sister missionaries as well. The dinner was good, the convo was good (one of them is in the animation department at BYU and Isaac was fascinated with her!)...then I tried to get into the Angel Food cake. I had slightly overcooked it, and it would NOT come out of the pan. So I literally had to take spoonfuls of cake out and put it on their plates, plus the fruit topping was super gross. We had just moved and didn't have tons of groceries so Dave just bought a can of raspberry filling and it had gone bad and it was just yucky. So we had messy cake with whipped cream which tasted fine but looked awful and made a huge mess. Ugh! But still fun.

Rachel said...

Ha! I just have to say, every time I find a new blog to read, they always turn out to be LDS. What's the deal with us LDS ladies and our craft blogs?! And the missionaries in my ward have learned to use the potty before they come to our house for dinner because I never manage to clean it for their visits. That means if they've gotta go, they've gotta hold it til they get back home because I'm too embarrassed to let them see my bathroom ;-)

Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

Emily Love said...

haha I myself love planning get togethers and dinners etc but I hate the entertaining part. I always worry that it will be awkward and consequently I become awkward. Terrible cycle. Especially when we're trying to make friends in our new married ward.

But a trick I learned with chicken cordon bleu... tie them with unflavored dental floss. Holds them super tight and then you can just un-tie them when you're done.