Pattern Review: McCalls 5966


This was Evangeline's Easter dress. I went with McCalls 5966. I chose this pattern because I love the faux wrap style top and like the short, half or long sleeve option.  I always look for patterns I feel can look completely different when made again and again (saving money) and this one completely fits the bill.

Making the wrap top was much easier than I anticipated and I love the finished look, although I might try to raise the V just a bit for more modesty.  The puff sleeves were a cute touch.

Score: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Skill Level: Easy
Direction Clarity: Very good.
True to Size: Size numbers ran large, but if you go by measurements (which you always should) it sewed up perfectly.
Changes Made: I added a wide sash to the waist.
Overall: I really like this pattern. I bought it in Ella's size as well and will definitely use it again.
Recommended: Yes
Happy Sewing!

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pickmepam said...

i used to be a huge sewer. i have gotten out of the craft, but every now and again, i start back up and go nuts. i need to start again. my girls aren't little anymore, so sewing them cute dresses is out. i do remember my mom sewing dresses for us when we were little, down to the last minute sewing. oh, the memories...