Friday Feast: Cheesy Potato & Whatever Soup


I guess this could also be called Cheesy Potato and 'Leftover Veggie' Soup. It's my go-to creation on unexpectedly blustery days when there are a few rag tag veggies just hanging out in my fridge. You could increase the amount of potatoes and just leave it as a Cheesy Potato Soup, but why not put those extra veggies into action!  You could add brocoli and cauliflower as I did this past week.  You can also add diced carrots, cabbage, asparagus, sauteed bell pepers....probably not all in the same pot....whatever. 

Is this low calorie?  I guess it could be based on the choices you make in low fat cheeses and milk.  But it's probably okay to indulge in a truly hearty, thick and comforting soup once in a while.  Right?

Oh, and sprinkle some crumbled bacon over the top sometime...just for me.

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Thanks for this recipe! I had some random last few veggies & bits of cheeses to use up. Stumbled on your recipe. It fit the bill perfectly & tasted oh so yummy!