Thrift Store Thursday


I found this hidden gem at our local Goodwill for $0.50.
It's a Russian children's book called "Seven Simeons" and the illustrations are divine!

I am going to remove some of them and frame them for the nursery.
This angel illustration was one of my favorites.

You can buy the same book on by clicking here.
NEW copies are going for under $5.00 including shipping!


Trina Curran said...

What a neat find! I love going to the thrift shop to look for books. They tend to pile up, though, because I always bring one home. :) I'm going to be doing some vintage paper challenges and would love for you to participate! I just completed the childrens' book one, but feel free to link it up this week! Post should be out tonight or tomorrow. :)

Veronica said...

That IS beautiful! I love perusing thru my thrift stores in my area. I've found some REALLY great stuff!