okay, it's not like anyone needs any more ways to waste time on the internet,
but here's a great one that you MUST join.


so, you make different "boards" on varying topics, whatever you want. and when you see something cool online, you click a magical little button on your tool bar that says "Pin It" and then assign it to one of your boards. then it stays there so you can always find the cool online ideas you are looking for AND you can follow other people's boards and they can follow yours.

i'm telling you rules.

pictured above are just a few of my boards where i have neatly organized
 inspiration, ideas, projects and eye candy.

so, if you're like me and have bookmarks and special folders on your computer with endless ideas to try later, but can never seem to find them...Pinterest is for you.

if you join come and follow my boards by clicking here.
I hope to see you there!


Lisa said...

Oh, I know! I am SO addicted to Pinterest. Love it!

Erin said...

LOVE pinterest! I just followed a few of your boards!

Jessi said...

Just followed you! Had your post from Ucreate saved in my reader, and I'm making the headband holder this week!

Diane said...

Wow, that looks really neat! How do I get an invite?

Diane said...

Wow, it looks really neat! How do I get an invite?

Tauna Eckenrod said...

I absolutely LOVE Pinterest. It is my new addiction. So many awesome ideas, so little time.