i was late...way late.


here goes modesty out the window.

i am usually on top of things.
i snagged the demi moore "ghost" haircut in the same year the movie came out (with disastrous results). i blogged before everyone had a blog. i knew about jack johnson when he was still an unknown indie artist. you get the picture.

and yet...
i have never read The Pioneer Woman blog.
i heard about it years ago, but for some reason i never latched on.
until now.
know what changed my mind?
mac 'n cheese.

i made it last night for dinner (with some modifications)
and it was divine! heaven! sinful!

here is the ensuing recipe card for my files.
click picture below to enlarge, then right click and
choose "save" to have your very own copy in 4x6" format.
note: my changes to the recipe are on the card above.

i am late to the party...but i am a believer.
and there's only one thing left to say,
pioneer woman mac 'n cheese....you. complete. me.


the emily said...

I started reading when she was writing her love story (Black Heels to Tractor Wheels). Have you read it? It is sooo funny and well written and romantic. I am also a believer, but in the spicy mac & cheese. I have a few others I'll email you that are my favorites, but the spicy mac is to die for. I make it every cinco de mayo and dave requests it almost weekly.

stephanie @ Simple Things said...

We make her chicken spaghetti at least twice a month and it's my go-to meal when i have to take a meal to someone. It rocks and is super simple! And the cinnamon rolls ... oh my. : )

Matt and Kim Fairbanks said...

Hands down the Apple Dumplings! I am usually a "made-from-scratch" kind of cook so I wasn't expecting much from these, but OH MY GOODNESS! They are divine. You must try them.

The Hills said...

My favorite is her Salsa!! YUMMM!!! And my friend just made her Devil Dogs... soo good!! :)

jess said...

I hadn't heard of her until I moved to Oklahoma a few months ago...she's all the rage here, and everywhere else apparently :)