Despicable Me Invites


Evangeline has been smitten with Despicable Me for months now and her choice for party theme was easy!  When she said she wanted a Despicable Me party she said, "We could make Minions out of yellow balloons!"  That's my girl!

Here are the invites we sent out this week...
I took the Gru silhouette from the movie poster and created this invite using Photoshop.  The Despicable Me font is actually called Las Vegas Jackpot and can be downloaded here.

These are 5x7" and I printed them on our home printer (that's why there is minimal orange) onto cardstock.
She is so excited for this party!
More party details to follow.


Jenny said...

so creative. Looking forward to seeing the pics and reading the lowdown of the party action.

Teresa said...

After downloading the font how do you get it to open???

Emilie said...

FOR WINDOWS: Download it to your desktop. Once it's there double click it. It will open a sample window. At the top you will see a button that says "install". If you double click that it will automatically load into your computer and be ready to use.

FOR MAC: I have no idea.