I have a family blog
And on that blog I share recipes.

Would you like recipes shared here?
Or are recipes not entirely crafty?
What if the recipes had a 4x6" printable recipe card download?
Like the ones shown here.

Just wondering.


Deanna said...

Either place. :) All three of your blogs are in my reader. LOL!

I have my own 4x6 template I do for recipes, so you can just save time and post them like you normally do. :)

Jenny said...

I personally think that recipes are crafty enough for a craft blog. Especially your yummy food recipes. Either way, I would opt for the 4x6 printable recipe card download just because I would love that.

Anonymous said...

I would love recipes added to this blog! You can never have enough( good) recipes!

LeeAnn Howard said...

oh yes please on the recipes here and the 4x6 cards would be awesome too! i downloaded the template that you posted before and am using that, so your additions would be perfect!! :)