Inexpensive Small Item Cases


We all have some certain item(s) in our homes that never seem to have a place to stay.  These things usually end up in the "Junk Drawer".  But what if you don't have a Junk Drawer?  We don't.

And so, this year I decided to make a "Junk Box". Although (in behalf of safety pins everywhere)  I resent the term "junk".  So I call mine a "Odds Box".  I keep it on a shelf in our pantry and ever since it was created my life has been easier.

I use a clear school case (oh yes, I love these) for new batteries.  I store postage stamps in a small envelope inside.  Now, let's get to the safety pins and hair elastics.

Last week I ordered 2 Custom mini Coin Purses from for a total cost of $3.49 (and that includes shipping).  I designed them specifically for certain items and I cannot wait to get these, fill them, and add them to my Odds Box.  Here's how you can make yours too!

1. Click here to go to and click on CUSTOM MINI COIN PURSE.

2. Choose CREATE IT!
3. Create two jpg images in Photoshop (one for the front and one for the back) to illustrate the items you will be storing inside.  Load images as prompted and add to cart.  Then design your second coin purse in the same way.
4. Enter code MCP4FRDS at checkout to get the special low price (note: I am not sure if/when this code expires, so don't wait!)

The top row is the one I created to hold all of my safety-pins. 
The bottom row is the one I designed to hold the tiny, clear hair elastics I use in my girls' hair.

I'm sorry, but aren't these cool?  I'm just sayin'...I liked the way they turned out.  I can't wait to get my small package from China (where Artscow is located) and pack my little organization coin purses into my Odds Box.

Of course, if you already have and Odds Box or a Junk Drawer you might still find a use for these.  here are a few uses I thought of...

- store band aids in your car glove box
- keep a variety of change inside and store in car glove box for use at tolls.
- store spare watch or hearing aid batteries.
- or anything else that comes has many little loose parts and is packaged without a container.

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