Tutorial: Stretchy Baby Headbands


I have always been diametrically opposed to the baby head garter. Those floofy, lacy, doilies that perch on top of a baby girl's head and leave a red ridge when removed. Ick.

But since having baby girl no. 3 a new baby headband had emerged on the market (mostly on Etsy) and I couldn't be happier. It's much more understated, comfortable and stylish.  So I set out to make my own and could not believe how easy and inexpensive it was. NO SEWING, people!  So let's get to it!

- scissors
- pen
- measuring tape
- hot glue gun
- 1 yard of 5/8" shiny stretch elastic*

*I purchased mine from an eBay seller named FOLDOVER PLUS. I bought the grab bag with 10 yards of assorted colors (the cheapest option). Now, the catch is that you don't get to choose the colors, however I was really happy with what I got. Ten yards (1 yard each of 10 different colors) only cost me $4.81...including shipping!  Here's what I got minus a hot pink yard (already made into headbands)...

1. Measure your baby's head. Measure it from the back of the neck to on top of the head (just like the headband will lay). Now subtract 1/2" from that measurement. My baby's measurement was 14&1/2 inches so my new measurement is 14 inches exactly.
2. Lay your elastic on a flat surface shiny side up. Measure your elastic (it doesn't have to be perfectly straight when you measure) and mark it with a pen at your new measurement.

3. Now measure from that mark 4&1/2 more inches (no matter what your baby's head measurement was) and cut the elastic.

4. pick up the 4&1/2 inch piece and loop it around until the raw edge touches your mark. Glue down.

5. Now take the long end and loop it around (shiny side out) and glue it at the same point underneath the small loop. Now your elastic structure should look like this.

6. Put a small dot of hot glue on the headband under the loop and press down to attach, making sure your loops are centered.

7. Cut a piece of elastic 2 inches long. Wrap it around the bow from the top and glue to the underside of the headband. Don't worry, the raw edges don't matter at all.

8. You're Done!

Option 2: If you want, you can skip the bow steps and just add a loop.  Then you can attach a pre-made clip with a flower onto the loop and wear it like that.

Now put it onto your favorite baby.
Bianca's head is still small so I can get two headbands per yard.
Making the cost of each headband around $0.25! You can't beat that!


Jenny said...

*sweet!* I had no idea that it was that easy. Maybe I'll make some for Kate while I'm waiting for little Alice to arrive.

the emily said...

Oh man I'm going to bed but just had to say you are KILLIN' me with this! I seriously paid over $20 for ten of these. KILLIN' me, sister. plus, her bow isn't glued down, it can move, and sometimes one side gets pulled way over and it's all lopsided. You're killin' me. with this.

Kristin said...

This is just what I have been looking for. Very classy!

Jess said...

adorable! I just went and bought some and can't wait to make these!

Chris said...

Oh, I wish I'd found these when my babies were still babies. Thanks for sharing such a simple/sweet headband! Maybe I'll make some for my new nieces.

Melissa said...

I just found your blog a few days ago and I had to make these when I saw them! I ordered the elastic from the place you recommended and it came super fast. You can see my results here http://www.flickr.com/photos/msboni83/5399489114/in/photostream/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/msboni83/5398891201/in/photostream/

so fast and easy and cute! Thanks!

Sarah Robbins said...

Oh I just love these! I am getting ready to order my elastic right now!

So cute!

Louise said...

Love this idea I been wanting to know how to make this style headband. Thanks for the link to ebay for the foe, I have been searching for a supplier. Thanks, take a look at my baby headbands see if you get any more ideas. There a bit different but not over the top like some

Alexis @ persia lou said...

I did not know where to get this elastic. Thanks so much!