to Flickr or not to Flickr?


Some readers have been requesting a EmilieHandmade Flickr group.
This is an interesting prospect.

On the one hand, it would be SO COOL to see projects made from my patterns all in one place.

On the other hand, can you think of anything more embarrassing than starting a
Flickr group and having it sit there, with like 2 items, for months?

On the other hand, this might motivate me to finally get more
of my softie sewing and quilt patterns up here for free download.

What do YOU think?


cassie d'ambrosio said...

I say Flickr!

Deanna said...

you are so funny! To post, or not to post. :)

Love you! And your crazy-amazing ideas!!!

kirstin & jordan said...

haha! this makes me laugh because the kojo flickr group has, like, 10 items in it. :)
at least if you make a flickr group, you'll know someone whose is emptier than yours. :)