SYTYC Final!


It's the FINAL ROUND of So You Think You're Crafty!
And for this round, you get to know exactly which craft is mine and go and vote for it!

My competitor is fabulous, but so is my craft!!!

Hang them in any doorway or hallway. Or take them outside and string between two trees or hang on a clothes line. Hours of fun and easy too!

Make this Castle themed Puppet Theater with movable curtains AND this Under The Sea Bean Bag Toss! Now, I know what you’re thinking….”But I can’t draw those sea creatures!“. Never fear. Along with my tutorial comes my sea creature images, all ready to print, cut out, trace and become a quick and easy template for your design. When you're finished, roll the canvases, rods and beanbags up and store them in this handy bag made from the leftover canvas!

Click here to go and vote for me!


Nancy said...

Ha! I didn't pay attention to whose was whose and still voted for you!

Love cool..and something I can have at grandma's house..quick to hang up, easy to store..

the emily said...

You are amaaaaazing! I love this.

Stephanie said...

I'm now a follower because of your wonderful ideas for SYTYC.--the Do you plan to share your tutorial for this project? :-) My daughter and I had just read the Knuffle Bunny books when your tutorial went up that week and I was so excited to see it! Congratulations on all your hard work and for sharing your creativity with us!

Jessamy said...

Is this tutorial available somewhere? I'm months behind... but I LOVE it!

Kim said...

I wish there was a tutorial for this awesome project!

Khrista said...

yes! I too am interested in a tutorial!