More Quilting Ahead!


Did I mention my most recent crafting obsession is quilting? Well, it is. So, in honor of the many quilting posts to come, I thought I would share a picture of the very first quilt I made.

This quilt was made for Evangeline and I finished it a month or so before she was born. I used glorious Amy Butler fabrics for this and I still love it. However, let me just say that it was a slightly harrowing experience.

My wonderful sister-in-law, Michelle, helped me out. During hour number 5 of quilting we realizing we had cut 22 pieces of fabric exactly 1/4" too small. After which Michelle exclaimed, "Quilting blows! I forgot how much I hate quilting!"

However, we did recover and I have since decided that cutting that fabric is really the only arduous part of quilting. Everything else is fun and makes one feel very domestic indeed. I am currently in the midst of finishing up a gorgeous quilt. Just the binding to finish and then pictures to follow!

Do YOU quilt?


Deanna said...

mmmmmmm! Love quilting! and your's is beautiful!!!

I actually love the cutting's the second half where I get tired of it...piecing all those pieces! LOL! However, once I'm done and machine quilting, I get to my favorite part...the binding. It's so therapeutic to stitch those final stitches by hand and have a beautiful finished product!!! Happy Quilting!!!

Marie said...

I am expecting my first baby and ventured out into making a quilt just last weekend. Luckily I have a very talented aunt who gave me an easy pattern to follow and who will finish the quilt for me (from placing the panels, machine quilting, and doing the binding). It was a frustrating process for me too, getting all my blocks the right size, but I did it and it feels so good!

Christina said...

I don't but I REALLY like that one!