Saturday Spotlight


Seriously, did you SEE this amazing project from this week's entries of the online craft competition, So You Think You're Crafty?

It's a used suitcase that has been transformed into a dinosaur playland that can close and be stored away. FULL INSTRUCTIONS CAN BE FOUND HERE.

I don't know who made it (it stays secret until voting closes) but whoever did is a genius!
Now, if only we had a little boy so I could make one!
I'm not trying to be girls are just NOT INTERESTED.
I've tried.

Maybe I could whip up a Barbie version....


Liz said...

OMG! Are there instruction on how to make this somewhere? Both my girl and boy would LOVE this!

Deb said...

Hi Em,
Please don't assume that little girls don't like dinosaurs or other "boy stuff". My favourite toys as a kid were Lincoln Logs and Dinky cars. My Skipper doll was in mint condition because all I ever didwas brush her hair and put her away again... Sorry, but boooring!

There's an old expression that says "Don't let the shoe determine what size the foot will grow..."

LOVE your music, btw. Keep up the great work!

Jenny said...

That is seriously cool. That chick has great imagination and talent. A barbie one would be spectacular. Could you imagine? Maybe even one with a barbie pool?