Saturday Spotlight: Cool Things from Japan


Japan seems magical.
Based on their textiles, craft items and art.
I got a package from Japan once and the packing tape had small dancing animals on it.
How could you NOT want to live there?

Today's Spotlight is dedicated to all things Japanese on Etsy...

1. Brown Numbers with Flowers Fabric by Cotton Blue - $3.50

2. Cute Elephant Stamp by Jeana - $3.50

3. Funky Japanese Flower Ring by Sou Zou's Creations- $7.00

4. Handmade Playtime Bento Box by Cocoroya - $19.00

5. Rub Dub Dub Japan Lunch Bag by Boqinana - $6.00

6. Japanese Postage Stamp Pendant by guizi - $8.50

Which is YOUR favorite?

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