Take the Challenge!


I interrupt the regularly scheduled Baby Shower posts to tell you about something that thrills me! I got an email in my inbox today about the 1 MILLION PILLOWCASE CHALLENGE.

What is it?
American Patchwork & Quilting is challenging you to help us reach our goal of donating one million pillowcases to local charities. Many charities can benefit from the donation of a pillowcase and the challenge gives you the opportunity to donate and make a difference in your community.
Where do I find the pillowcase patterns?
Patterns are available here. Three new patterns will be added each quarter.

Can I design my own pillowcase?
Yes, creativity is encouraged. Keep in mind, however, the intended recipient’s age and comfort.

How do I report how many pillowcases I made?
The official pillowcase counter on the homepage will keep a running total of all the pillowcases donated to date. Sign up and enter the number of pillowcases you’ve created and donated by clicking here.

How long does the One Million Pillowcase challenge run?
For the 2010 year.

What do I do with my pillowcase when it’s finished?
Donate to the ConKerr Cancer drop off center in your area and they will distribute the pillowcases to local Children's Hospitals and Cancer Centers. Doesn't that thought just make you feel good?

I am SO in! (or should that be "I am SEW in!")
I am going to try and make a few pillowcases each month.

And if you want to join in...I made a button for your blog!
It's in my side-bar under SHARE THE LOVE.
Grab it and blog about it so we can reach the 1 Million mark!