Mixed Craft Club


Nothing beats a Mixed Craft Club afternoon. I woke up and tidied up the house while Matt made Cheesy Cauliflower and Potato Soup. Coolest. Husband. Ever. And it was deeeeeelicious! We had some crusty bread and butter (the butter wasn't crusty...just the bread) and some snacks for afterwards.

I always invite around 10 friends and there are always conflicting schedules and such, so we average around 4-5 women each time. I was thinking today how nicely it always turns out. We have had a different mix of girlfriends each month and it gives us the chance to get to know each other better before a different mix with a different dynamic appears the following month.

But one thing remains the same...good times, good food and good crafts. Alas, it was Jenny's very last MCC since she is moving at the end of next week. We will miss her family a lot, but are excited for their new adventures in North Carolina.

( Jenny and Kirsti working hard at being Crafty. )

This month we made Family Photo Books together. I am not quite finished with mine (since I was helping out others), but they turned out great! I'll post some pictures as soon as I finish. I also finished up a sewing project and mended a torn pocket on my favorite new hoodie.

( Jenny made this adorable receiving blanket for a friend's baby boy on the way. )

You may think I am crazy, but I have seriously been considering finding a larger space for MCC each month. That way we could invite everyone we know! I will have to do some investigating on that one.

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LeeAnn Howard said...

We do a similar thing. It first started out as scrapbook nights, then we have recently ventured into sewing and other crafty things, quilting too. We do need to get back on track and plan a monthly night again. This was a great reminder for me and i emailed it to my friend that frequently hosts this. Thanks for the post and reminder., :)