Tutorial: Halloween Glitter Wreath


How to make your own
Chic Halloween Glitter Wreath.

I really like it because it is chic and not too cutesty, but also not terrifying like other Halloween decorations....my kids cannot tolerate that. Also, using the Plaid brand Extreme glitter means eliminating some steps and having a finished product that doesn't shed glitter each time you brush by it.

one 18" Grapevine wreath (like this one from JoAnns) $3.99
one can black spray paint (ColorPlace brand at WalMart) $0.98
one maple leaf garland (like this one from JoAnns) $4.00
one jar Plaid Extreme Glitter in black
one jar Plaid Extreme Glitter in purple
(available at Ben Franklin Crafts or A.C. Moore) around $6.00 each
one black crow decoration (I got mine at Dollar Tree) $1.00
hot glue gun
two sponge paint brushes

1. Lay down newspaper in a well ventilated area. Coat wreath with light coats of black spray paint until completely covered. Allow to dry.

2. Lay garland on newspapers and coat back side with black spray paint. Allow to dry. I used this quick-drying spray paint which dries in 10 minutes.

3. Once leaves are dry pop in a dvd (I chose Xanadu...because nothing gets your craft mojo going like roller-skating Greek muses).

Coat the top of leaves with purple Extreme Glitter on 2/3rd of the leaves and black Extreme Glitter on remaining 1/3rd and allow to dry.

4. Cut leaves from vine and then separate leaves from each other (if needed). You need to leave some stem to each leaf.

. Use hot glue gun to attach leaves directly to wreath. Put hot glue onto stem and stick it well into the branch tangles of the wreath.

Hint: I laid down my wreath, started with the larger leaves and glued them in while imagining a clock face, starting at 12 o'clock, then 6, then 3, then 9 and continuing to fill in the gaps systematically so your leaves are spread evenly around the wreath. Then fill in gaps with smaller leaves.

4. Use hot glue gun to attach crow into wreath, tucking the legs in to wreath branches. I got this crow at the Dollar Store, so if you plan on making this wreath this year, head to your dollar store before the end of October to snag one.

5. Hang on front door or on wall above fireplace.

Your finished wreath should cost around $20, but can be used year after year. This is a primary reason I used Extreme Glitter by Plaid. You get all of the sparkle of glitter, with none of the shedding. I just can't handle the thought of pulling this out and having a spray of purple and black glitter all over myself, my carpet, my doormat and my visitors. Plaid offers the Extreme Glitter in many colors and it eliminates a step since it is opaque paint with glitter inside.

I hope you enjoy making your own Halloween Glitter Wreath!

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