Personalizing your Holiday Stockings


May I mention great the Cricut cutting system is?!

Well, you may think you know, but you may not know the full extent. We have these stockings and I have always wanted to put our names on them, but how? Regular fabric sewn on? Should I free-hand the letters with paint? Stencils? And how would I get anything to adhere to the fuzzy surface?

Then, today I was in JoAnns and saw some sheets of fuzzy white iron on paper. You were supposed to use scissors to cut out patterns or letters and then iron it onto fabric for a fuzzy look. I bought some and hoped to find a way to make it work.

When I returned home...a breakthrough...I would see if the Cricut would cut through the layers of plastic, fuzzy fabric, and adhesive. And guess what? It did. Just like it was cardstock. And here are the results. Fabulosity at its best! Someday I will hand sew some cute glass beads around the edges of the letters, but that's a project for another year!

I think we can all guess what this discovery means...homemade t-shirts with funny phrases for EVERYBODY!

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