12 No-Candy Valentines


UPDATE: Check out the NEW list with 36 NO CANDY VALENTINES here.

Holidays are all about the treats.  So, when I decided to make healthy changes with our entire family recently, I struggled to find non-food celebration items.  I decided to round up a few of my own ideas and some great ideas from other blogger for non-candy Valentines for you to enjoy.

(1) Bouncy Ball Valentine by The Crafting Chicks
(2) Free Printable Valentine's Bookmarks by Summit Avenue Design
(3) Ruler Valentine by Thompson & Spring
(4) Silly Straw Valentines by Plucky Momo
(5) Glow Stick Bracelet by Kommuicated
(6) Love Bug Valentines by Dandee
(7) Pencil Valentines by Write with Moxie
(8) Play-Doh Valentines by Paging Supermom
(9) Race Car Valentines by Paper and Pip
(10) Magnifying Glass Valentines by Dandee
(11) Recycled Heart Crayons by The Long Thread
(12) Super Star Glasses by Plucky Momo


controlling craziness said...

Lots of great ideas. With this much advance notice maybe I'll actually do something cute this year instead of letting my kids pass out the grocery store valentines. Thanks for sharing. I've pinned it so I won't forget.

Unknown said...

These are all fabulous idea! I'm going to try and talk my daughter into the ruler valentines... so much better than candy!

Anthony Hopper said...

Good list.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Sip-Sip Valentine's! Those are cute and I think our Dollar Store sells straws.

Hall said...

These are super! I really like the no candy idea. So over that. But I'm all over these, especially the "you make my heart glow." Cute. Glad I found your blog- via pinterest in case you're curious.

Kelly said...

Wow, thanks for gathering this list together! Pinning it now. :)

Unknown said...

i can use it for upcoming valentines day.. :)

Childrens Party Ideas

Anonymous said...

LOVE these ideas! With three kiddos, and a no candy rule at school, these are perfect! Found most of the things at Dollar Tree, too. Thanks so much for the great ideas! Even passed them along to some friends!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these awesome ideas! I love to have my girls give homemade valentine's but so many involve food or candy (which is not allowed at their school). These are cute and economical!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing these ideas and the templates. It was awesome that I am able to send non-food things for my girls' school parties!

Anonymous said...

thanks for share...

Dollar Store Merchandise said...

great ideas, need to be frugal and wise when it comes to spending these days

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Jessica said...

Hi! Just thought I would let you know that I did a "How To" video on the glow stick Valentines!! Check it out if you want! I put your blog in the description box as well as http://kommunicated.com since that is where the link takes you once clicked! Here is the link to my video:

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Jessica said...

I did the glow stick ones last year for my son's kinder class. Just a head's up for anyone who wants to try it - they are DELICATE! It takes very little to "crack" them, and once that happens you'll want to replace it so the recipient gets full use of it.

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Dr. Jill E. Steeley said...

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Viraj said...

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Drew Watts said...

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