Burn of the Century


I volunteered to help a friend with the Halloween costumes for her three kids this year.  They are going as Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach.  Mario and Luigi's costumes were a snap!  But I had to make the ultimate Princess Peach dress.

 I got a pattern since I wanted it to be a surprise and I know her daughter is size 2T.
I stayed up last night until 4:35 AM making the dress. I slaved over adding interfacing to the perfectly scalloped collar to make it stand up just so. And the pink swooshes on the hips. And the perfect puffed sleeves.  I was so tired, but continued on.
This morning it was looking rather large.  I tried it on my Evangeline (who is a 5T) and it fit perfectly.  Cutting it down three sizes was impossible.
Seriously. Burn of the century.

This has spawned a new category of posts here on the Plucky Momo blog... Crafts Gone Wrong


Refugee Crafter said...

Oh, that's just painful. I am so sorry. Maybe you could sell it on etsy for hefty price?

SPKarenO said...

This is not the end of the world. It means she will enjoy it for many more years - like good dress up clothes should!

Emily said...

I feel sick over it! I'm so sorry you worked so hard. I promise if you want to send it she'll still wear it, but if not, let Eva enjoy it!