Contest : Rename My Blog!


Okay, I have realized recently that this craft blog of mine needs a serious overhaul.
When I branched it off from my regular blog I just added "Handmade" at the end of my name.
Because it was easy.

And now I want a bit more spark.
But my pregnant mind is stunted.

So, it's up to you!

I want a two or three word title.
It should be rather cute and campy.
And easy to remember.
Leave a comment with your suggestions.
You can suggest up to three options.

If I choose your suggestion you win a fabulous prize!
Contest closes Sunday at 10:00 pm EST.


Tenille Gates said... about Craft-E ;0)

Rachel said...

I personally think that you should stick with the name you have. Name recognition works best if you stick with the same thing, but if you are looking for a new name and plan to stick with that for eva and eva, here are my (sometimes lame) suggestions :)
I tried to think of something unique where you'd be able to get the blog name and eventually the url as well. That is important when choosing a name.

Orange I Crafty?
Orange You Crafty?
Camp Gonnabecrafty
Handmade Holiday
A Touch of Handmade
Homey and Handmade
A Healthy Dose of Handmade
Spoonful of Handmade
Spoonful of Crafts
A Craft a Day
Handmade With Love
Handmade at Home
Life Handmade
Live, Love, Craft
Alive With Wonder
Little Bit kooky
Crafter & Laughter

Okay that's all I can come up with right now :) The last two come from your blog itself. I mostly played on the words craft and handmade, but I had fun thinking of these. I hope you like one or reading them gives you a fun idea of your own! :)

Cheers and good luck!

GyrlPower said...

Craz-E for Crafting or
The Mad Crafter

GyrlPower said...

The Mad Crafter

Craz-E for Crafts

GyrlPower said...

The Mad Crafter

Craz-E for Crafts

Becky said...

I dont have any suggestions, but will say that I looove your current name. It is actually want drew me to your site to begin with.

Jenny Meyers said...

I agree to leave it the same.
Your family blog has so many followers that I think it's a shame to disconnect the two.

Beedubya said...

I say stick with em-il-ie handmade, dude. I'm all for matchy-matchy.

xo B.