Superbowl Saturday


Today will be spent prepping some awesome food for our family's Superbowl experience (okay, my Husband's Superbowl experience). My experience is more along the lines of commercials, halftime and The Voice premier following the game.

I like to try new recipes each year.  We are going for homey-comfort-food style this year since we are not attending a party, just chilling at home instead. This year I'm making:

HAM & CHEESE SLIDERS from The Girl Who Ate Everything

PRETZEL AND TOFFEE BROWNIES  from The Crepes of Wrath 
 (but I am cheating and using a Ghirardelli boxed brownie mix).

What are YOU cooking up for the Superbowl?


Holly Denghel said...

I've made those sliders before. They were awesome! My recipe differed in only one thing. It called for these Hawaiian rolls in the orange package. Added a little tang to contrast the glaze.

Unknown said...

It looks good! Enjoy!

Unknown said...

I'm going to make this on Sunday! Nothing is like soup for lunch after church!! =D