Polka Dot Obsession via Etsy


Crafting has screeched to a halt after last weekend's big birthday bash and Chicken and Fifi both having fevers this week. Fifi at the beginning and Chicken's starting last night.  So, a lot of Etsy browsing has been happening, where I can feed my recent obsession with polka dots. 

1. Ruby Swing Dress by Dismantled Fashions (this also comes in Plus Size)
2. Polka Dot Paper Straws by Hey Yo Yo
3. Digital Party Polka Dots Paper Pack by Little Ninja Designs
4. Retro Dot Dog Collar by Bow Wow Couture
5. Red and Turquoise Polka Dots Handmade Buttons by Tessa Ann (I've bought these before. They are divine!)
6. Retro Dot Apron by Apron Queen

Which is YOUR favorite?


Jenny said...

It's gotta be that dress since I'm jonesing for non-maternity clothes.

Those straws are perfect.

Kristin said...

Is it weird that I am considering getting a dog so I could use that collar. Did I mention that we are all allergic and we're not pet people?!?

Veronica said...

I'm loving the Apron!!! Think it's the colors!!

Erica said...

Thanks for including my polka dot paper pack in your polka dot obsession :)