she headed off to school today with a heart covered box
filled with 16 of these handmade valentines
(idea inspired full-on stolen from here).

and the close up....

and 2 of these (there's a tube of pomegranate lotion beneath).
one for the kindergarten teacher and one for her aide.
(idea found here).

tonight we will have a fun family night with small gifts for the kids and thursday
(yes, it was the first day we had free) the Hubbs and I
will go out to dinner somewhere romantic....like denny's.

hope your day is filled with LOVE of every description!


Deanna said...

I LOVE Ella's valentines.

I LOVE her valentines for her teachers.

and I LOVE that you and your dh are going to take some time for YOURSELVES. :)

Have a HAPPY Valentine's Day!

Amy Lynne said...

Such cute valentines! I hope you have fun on your date night!