Handmade Holiday


Well, I did not get to make very many handmade items for Christmas this year.  The holidays crept up on me and pounced right around the 20th of December.  I am going to use a newish baby as an excuse.  How long is that excuse good for?  She's about 10 weeks old now...can I still use it?

I did manage to make homemade peanut brittle (my very favorite holiday treat).  If you love it and have never made it, try it!  It's SO easy!

And I sewed up this little quilt for Bianca.  No piecing or anything, I just added a layer of batting between the two fabric, machine quilted it in diagonal squares and did an easy, fold over binding.  But I just LOVE how it turned out.  It's very smooshy and cuddly. 

I used a pre-cut blanket pack from this Etsy shop (although, I cut the fabric after I got it to make the blanket smaller).  And just now, when I went to find the shop link, it looks like she's having a year end sale!  15% off with the coupon code in the Shop Announcements.  To find this exact set click on BLANKET BUNDLES.  She's got tons of cute stuff!


Deanna said...

You can totally use a 10 week old as an excuse. I used my 5 month old as an excuse. Does that make me lame? LOL! LOVE the blankie and brittle. :)

Unknown said...

I love this blanket! Simple, yet beautiful. I'd like to make one similar for my sister who's due with her first next month. And there's batting inside, yet? Any particular type that makes it so smooshy?? Thanks!