Tutorial: Ocean in a Bottle


It feels as if all of my crafty time has been spent in pursuit of the So You Think You're Crafty title. So, I am trying to catch up on crafts I did a while back whose pictures have been sitting in my desktop folder for a while and deserve to be posted!

I am sure you may have visited a beach once or twice this Summer. Whenever we go to the beach my children collect seashells, rocks and sea glass from the sandy beach and they end up all over our home! This year I decided to make an Ocean in a Bottle to keep those little treasures and memories of warm days in the sand. This is a great craft to do with kids! You'll notice my lovely model, Chicken, assisting me.

- clear plastic water bottle with wide mouth and cap

- baby oil

- blue food coloring

- hot glue gun

- permanent fine point marker (like sharpie pen)

- paper label (optional)

- Make sure bottle is clean and washed. Remove label.
- Fill half full with water.
- Add one drop of food coloring.

- Add shells, sea glass and small rocks.
- Fill bottle to top with baby oil.

- Use hot glue gun to put a ring of hot glue inside bottle cap. Immediately screw cap on tightly.

- Use sharpie pen to write name of beach and year on the lower half of bottle. You may also choose to write this information on a small, blank mailing label and then attaching to bottle.

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