confession time...


Although I posses a certain amount of natural ability and talent at almost all things crafty...
I can't decorate my house worth a lick.

I get all caught up with things "matching" and having a scheme. This problem has escalated recently since this house of ours looks like a sterile mental hospital. Nothing adorns the walls and there is no color or life!

This is a surprise even to me since in my scrapbooking days I was known for bold colors and mixing of patterns. So why can't I translate that into my living environment?

So I have made a commitment to myself to start right now and seek pieces to make my home warm, colorful, energetic and alive. And maybe a little kooky. After all...these are adjectives that could be used to describe me. So how come my living space does not look like I live in it?

I pledge to be bold, colorful and try my best to let go of the linear thinker that I am and allow myself to decorate based solely on passion. I am going to start today to fill my home with things, textures and colors that I love. I am going to start tearing ideas, concepts, colors and inspiration from magazines and compiling it in a binder5. Then, once I know what direction to head in, the slow infusion of life into my home decor will begin.

Details are sure to follow as my new journey commences.

Help me readers!
What are your best decorating tips?

*images from House Beautiful website.


ninasays said...

Hm I think most of the time I just put up things that I like or that catch my eye. Photos are imho one of the most important part of decorating my flat. I think those tips from Elizabeth Kartchner are really cool as well:

Best wishes from New Zealand!

Let'sMakeADifference said...

My best decorating tip is to drive to the closest large book store,(mine is Borders), buy a cup of tea or coffee, and look through all of the decorating magazines and books that you can!! I don't think that I have a creative bone in my body, but I can copy and improvise! Pathetic isn't it?! :(

Deirdre said...

I think you have already made a great start just by listing the adjectives you'd like to describe your home.

Start just like you would advise a new scrapper---lift! Clip pages (I find it easier to copy images on line into an inspiration folder on my computer---I make one for each room). Unlike scrapping, you have to look at your choices for a long time and pay $$ for it is more daunting. But paint is relatively cheap.

What has helped me is to find one thing I really love and know I want to keep in a certain room for a long time, and then I let a lot of my other choices work around that item. Sometimes it might be a meaningful photo or heirloom, but sometimes it is as simple as a $9 table runner I got on clearance at C&B and fell in love with. It has made my color choices much easier:)

Have fun and be sure to take before photos now!